Bag of mellow rooster with mount of herbal coffee in front. Mellow Rooster photobombs our photoshoot. again.

Mellow Rooster

An herbal blend that tastes remarkably like coffee.

Born out of a love for coffee and a desire for a healthy alternative that could be enjoyed anytime, we mixed, matched and experimented until we found the perfect, carefully balanced combination of roasted fruits and roots.

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Do you love

the taste of coffee but can't drink it?

Want to enjoy

the taste of coffee anytime,
even before bed?

Would you like

a health-focused coffee alternative?

It's tea, but it's coffee. It's herbal coffee.

And it's delicious.

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Brewed just like the real deal.

We love the ritual of coffee drinking from start to finish. Our herbal blend is ready to be brewed with your existing coffee setup at home or office (excluding espresso). Enjoyed hot or over ice.

6 Organic Ingredients

100% Organic
100% Caffeine-Free


Chicory Root

Dandelion Root

Orange Peel

Lemon Peel


Potential Benefits

May improve focus
May improve brain function
May reduce stress
May promote digestive health
May decrease inflammation
May improve immunity
May help skin and hair

Does not taste EXACTLY like coffee.

But we're confident it will satisfy your coffee cravings. 
It’s a tasty alternative loaded with incredible ingredients and benefits.

Try it hot or over ice. With your favorite creamer. Make it Bulletproof with MCT oil and some butter. Drop a scoop of ice cream. Whatever you're into.

Still on the fence?

Mellow Rooster's Haters gonna hate money back guarantee!

No need to hate.
We'll refund your first bag of Mellow Rooster. Claim within 30 days.



We love coffee. For the taste as much as for the ritual of sitting down to enjoy it. That’s why we made a “coffee” for people who love it, but who, for whatever reason—anxiety, acidity, trouble sleeping—can’t drink it. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful, comforting, human experience of coffee—even if they can’t.


We envision a world with more people sharing the kinder, healthier, smarter version of themselves. Where coffee jitters don’t exist and a nice, rich cup of joe won’t compromise a good night’s sleep. A world where everyone is well-rested and ready to take on the day.

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Recipes by our amazing customers.