Mellow Rooster Herbal Coffee being poured into a glass mug by our favorite barista in Denver, Colorado. Mellow and joyous mood fills the bright white kitchen with white marble counter tops and black powder coated appliances with brass accents.

It's tea, but it's coffee. It's herbal coffee.

And it's delicious.

Mellow Rooster

Honestly best coffee sub I've tried!

Laura, @thefirstmess

This is what decaf coffee wishes it could be.

Daniela, @dancingwithllamas

I love this stuff so much. I haven't been able to drink coffee for a while now, and this stuff has completely saved me.

Bill, @primalpalate

I don't know if I've ever gone through anything this quick!

Des, @desiree_kaye

I honestly feel more energized drinking this over coffee and there’s no crash.

Moriah Bork, New York


100% Naturally Caffeine-Free

Organic Black Mission Figs
Organic Chicory Root
Organic Dandelion Root
Organic Lemon Peel
Organic Orange Peel
Organic Carob


The ingredients used in Mellow Rooster has been known to help:

Stress & Anxiety
Focus & Attention
Gut Health

You guys saved me from my coffee addiction.

Ali Zeck

So delicious! It's the perfect pregnancy drink.


I need to sign up for a subscription ASAP! I'm all out of rooster!!!


Your 'coffee' is a true lifesaver during these challenging times.


It's SO delicious. Didn't ever think I'd like a coffee alternative as much as I like coffee!