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  • What's Mellow Rooster's mission?
    • Offer people the experience of coffee, without the coffee/caffeine.
    • Help our family and friends achieve better rest and quality sleep. 
    • Satisfy the taste, feel, and ritual of coffee for those who can't have it.
    • Give people a better alternative to DECAF coffee.

  • Word on the street is that y'all hate decaf. Is that true?
    • We strongly dislike decaf. Decaf coffee is a drink that's been manipulated into something out of its natural form. Decaf is basically removing some caffeine, then replacing it with chemicals. There IS still caffeine in it. Now, you're drinking coffee with caffeine and chemical. If you want coffee with less caffeine, just drink less of that good'ol coffee. (Another option is to dilute your coffee with Mellow Rooster 🤙🏼 without compromising taste)

  • Is there coffee in your "herbal coffee"?
    • Nope. We call it herbal coffee because it tastes like coffee, but made of roasted fruits and roots. 

  • Do you ship to Canada?
  • Is it safe to drink during pregnancy? Postpartum, while nursing?
    • Yes & yes with our Prenatal/Postpartum blend. The figs is particularly really great for nursing mothers.

  • I'm sensitive to nightshade foods. I see ashwagandha which is a nightshade. Should I get the Prenatal blend?
    • Exactly - don't let the cute packaging fool ya. Our 'Prenatal/Postpartum Safe' blend is also considered as our 'Nightshade-Free' blend.

  • Where're the Nutritional Facts?
Mellow Rooster Herbal Coffee's Nutrition Facts