We love serving our bosses. Here are what some of them are saying about us and our beloved Mellow Rooster.

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Original Herbal Coffee
Lawana Norris
It’s just not the real organic coffee I’m used to.

The taste is OK, but not the same. Debating to do without. It’s very pricey for a small amount.

Original Herbal Coffee
Edith Sellman
Please refund my purchase

Tried and do not like taste. Please refund my money. Ps: I usually don’t send negative reviews, however when I see what I paid I just shook my head …

Ouch. Sorry, Edith. You should've received your refund by now. We really appreciate you giving us a try and supporting small businesses.
Stay mellow,

Original Herbal Coffee
Rose Burroughs

Love the flavor !!
It’s amazing !! And the caffeine free life - the best !
I’m sleeping so much better 🤗
Thank you !!

A coffee snob in love

I'm really digging this stuff! Easy to brew and tastes good, especially with a little bit of oat milk.

Listen - this ain't coffee, so don't go in thinking it's going to be a 1:1 trade off. But if you're looking for something warm and tasty to drink that vaguely has that coffee aftertaste, then look no further!

Mellow Roaster just ok

Not exactly the best I have tried. Still like Teeccino best.

Respect. Teeccino's a solid choice. Thanks for your feedback!

Julia is happy

First...My name in your initial message came out as "Jkmufamurire". Please correct to "Julia".
Now, for my review...I am happily surprised at the flavor of your product. Yes! It tastes similar to coffee but without making my stomach upset or the jitters. Plus, you don't need a whole qcup size for one cup. I'm pretty impressed with this product & plan on ordering more.

Julia (not Jkmufamurire),

Thanks for the honest review! We've been hearing the same feedback about not needing a full serving for one cup... I guess that's just more servings per pack! Cheers!

Love this stuff!

My husband quit caffeine and Mellow Rooster has been the perfect replacement for that morning ritual - and such a good approximation of coffee! I also love to brew some up to have over ice with a splash of almond milk for iced “coffee” on a hot afternoon without disruption to my sleep! Thanks, Mellow Rooster!

This so great to hear, Jessica! Husband sounds like a disciplined man - quitting caffeine is no joke! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Cheers!

Better Than Expected!

I bought Mellow Rooster to help me ween off coffee. I began by mixing Mellow Rooster with coffee, and gradually decreasing the amount of coffee until there was none. I love the taste, and I actually feel better now with just Mellow Rooster than when I was drinking coffee! Mellow Rooster will definitely remain a staple in my home!

Most helpful review ever?
Appreciate you for sharing this, Mary! I bet they're a lot of people who would benefit from this. Thanks to you, we're going to find a way to make this tip accessible for all buyers.

Original Herbal Coffee
Christine Meyer
Pretty good substitute

It was a bit bitter for me but I made sure to measure it out correctly the next time. It tasted very similar to coffee once creamer was added.

Thanks Christine!
Depending on the temperature of water and brew-time, you can make it more/less bitter. We find it pretty smooth and very lightly bitter when brewed with a coffee machine. Anyway, hope you're enjoying it more these days!

Fantastic Herbal Coffee

It taste like real coffee. Great product.

Thanks Deborah! <3


Finally, someone 'FIG'ured out the taste of yum for alternative coffees. I have been searching for a very long time to find an alternative coffee that even tastes close to coffee. YOU DID IT!! It is the most delicious flavor and I have no need to ever return to coffee! I'm so pleased and have shared and shared your wonderful MELLOW ROOSTER brew, every way I can. 5 STARS!!!!!

haha, puns are always welcome here. And so are super kind and positive reviews! Thank you so much, Teri! You da best.


I like everything about my purchase but the beverage has a slightly sweet taste.I realize most people put sweetener on their coffee but I’m not one of them. I like my coffee black and complexly bitter so though I appreciate your efforts, I won’t be ordering more. Thank you

Gotta respect that. Founder, Mike responding here. I also enjoy my coffee black. I'm convinced that the 'complexly bitter' you speak of is not possible to replicate (yet, still trying here - experimenting with roasted açaí at the moment). Which is the reasons why I love and respect coffee more than ever. Coffee is special. Anyway, if you care to give it another go, I found Mellow best when made in my Technivorm coffee maker. The paper filtration helps for some reason.

I appreciate your feedback and giving us a chance!

Great alternative to coffee

Good taste. Satisfies my coffee craving.

Really appreciate your feedback, Barbara! Thanks!

Original Herbal Coffee
sunny cleveland
Love it!

I’ve tried several different coffee substitutions and Mellow Rooster is by far the best.

So glad you found us, Sunny!!! Thanks for the lovely feedback!

Original Herbal Coffee
Deborah Dunn-Aulicino
Believe It Or Not

After drinking my Mellow Rooster every morning....I can enjoy the day. Never knew how caffeine free equals mellow. Great flavor and aroma. I recommend it.

Great herbal coffee!

I was so surprised at how similar this was to regular coffee, the flavor is so good!

Original Herbal Coffee
Eugene A. Schwartz
Lousy coffee

The worst beverage I have ever tasted . Please don’t advertise this as a coffee taste without the coffee. A complete waste of time and money

Hey Eugene.

Sorry you’re disappointed.

It doesn't have to be a 'waste of money''. We offer refunds to those who aren’t 100% satisfied with Mellow.

There are a lot of people who love coffee but cannot have it for various health reasons. So, to those people, we advertise that we offer the “experience” of coffee, without the coffee. We really do try to paint a realistic picture with our taste chart scaling us about 6/10 between tea and coffee (based on over 300 tasting at Slow Food USA). We also clarify we do not taste “exactly” like coffee. As a side note, we love coffee more than ever - especially knowing how seemingly impossible it is to replicate its unique flavor.

Still, we're sorry you feel deceived, Eugene. We really are trying to communicate and serve the best way we can.

In regards to the refund, message or email us ( and we’ll take care of you. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.

Stay mellow,

Original Herbal Coffee
Claire Embleton
My Morning Brew

I love waking up to this yummy herbal brew each morning.
So yummy 😋

So good!

I am really enjoying mellow rooster as a coffee alternative! I love that I can get the coffee experience without the anxiety and stomach troubles.


I love the flavor of Mellow Rooster and it makes an afternoon coffee craving smooth and delicious without the caffeine effects later on. It smells so great, like figs and warming spices, and has a great balance of bitterness.

Coffee in morning, Mellow for the rest of the day.

I'm down to one cup of coffee in the morning, followed by a cup of Mellow in the late-morning, and after lunch. I love my coffee more than ever now that I don't depend on it. Took about 4 days to get used to the new taste, but loving it now. My gf quit coffee altogether because of this stuff. Best of all, I think it has actually improved my sleep. Highly recommend.

Couldn’t get used to it

I realize it’s not coffee so I didn’t really expect a true coffee experience. I did hope for a tasty, complex flavor though. But the sad fact is that this is just not tasty at all, whatever it is. Best described as charred Folgers. I’ll have to stick with other herbal teas.

We appreciate you giving us a chance. Sorry we didn't meet your expectations on any level - we definitely still have plenty of fruits to explore and room for improvement! Either way, thanks for you input, Krista! All the best from our family to yours.

Original Herbal Coffee

Thanks, Theresa!

Great Substitute

When you can't have coffee...u get to sub with this awesome herbal coffee! So yummy!

You're the awesome one, Tina! Thanks for your kind input :)

Great blend!

Love this blend!

Thanks Dawwin! <3