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  • What's Mellow Rooster's mission?
    • We love coffee. For the taste as much as for the ritual of sitting down to enjoy it. That’s why we made a “coffee” for people who love it too, but who, for whatever reason—anxiety, acidity, trouble sleeping—can’t drink it, or want to reduce the intake. It’s just as rich and delicious as the real deal. Because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful, human experience of coffee—even if they can’t. 

  • How do you feel about coffee?
    • Love it and want it all day. This is a coffee alternative made by a group of coffee lovers, baristas, and coffee shop owners. 

  • How do you feel about decaf?
    • We strongly dislike decaf. Decaf coffee is a drink that's been manipulated into something out of its natural form. Decaf is basically removing some caffeine, then replacing it with chemicals. It's basically a not-as-tasty coffee with less caffeine and but with chemical. If you want coffee with less caffeine, just drink less of that good'ol coffee. (Another option is to dilute your coffee with Mellow Rooster 🤙🏼 without compromising taste)

    • Is there coffee in your "herbal coffee"?
      • Nope. We call it herbal coffee because it looks and tastes like it. It's even brewed the same way. Our herbal blend is made of organic roasted fruits and roots. 

    • Do you ship to Canada?
    • Is it safe to drink during pregnancy? Postpartum, while nursing?
      • Yes. The figs is particularly really great for nursing mothers.
    • Do you still sell the mellow mama?
      • Yes and No. The one blend you see in our shop is what we used to call Mellow Mama. We decided to remove ashwagandha altogether.


    • Do you have a sample I can try?
      • Not at the moment. Sorry!


    • Where're the Nutritional Facts?
    Mellow Rooster Herbal Coffee's Nutrition Facts
    • Why the name 'Mellow Rooster'?
      • A rooster is a universal symbol for waking up. This rooster is a gentle soul who wants to help you wake up on your own terms. ;)