What makes us mellow


For the taste as much as for the ritual of sitting down to enjoy it. That’s why we made a “coffee” for people who love it too, but who, for whatever reason—anxiety, acidity, trouble sleeping—can’t drink it. It’s just as rich and delicious as the real deal. Because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful, human experience of coffee—even if they can’t.


We envision a world with more people sharing the kinder, healthier, smarter version of themselves. Where coffee jitters don’t exist and a nice, rich cup of joe won’t compromise a good night’s sleep.  A world where everyone is well-rested and ready to take on the day. 


A health and wellness professional and life-long coffee lover, Mike began experimenting with the combination of ingredients that would one day become Mellow Rooster when he discovered the important role that sleep plays in everyday health, productivity, and longevity. Not wanting to give up his favorite beverage ritual, he mixed and matched until he found the perfect blend that would provide the experience of coffee, without the coffee. 
The rest is mellow history.


From our beak
down to our feet,
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