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Original Herbal Coffee

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Like the real deal.

We love coffee so much we made a coffee for people who can’t drink coffee. And even for those who can, but maybe don’t want to all the time.

This is Mellow Rooster's original blend and it is made with 100% Certified-Organic ingredients. This perfectly balanced mix of roasted fruits and roots was created to taste remarkably like a cup of fruity, earthy, lightly-roasted coffee. (Remarkably doesn't mean Exactly). Mellow Rooster is a healthy coffee alternative even our coffee lovers will enjoy. After all, it was created by coffee lovers with their coffee-loving friends in a coffee shop!

0 mg
Energy from nutrients, not stimulants.

20 servings.
Each serving is about 10 ounces.

Organic Roasted figs, organic chicory root, organic dandelion root, organic lemon peel, organic orange peel, and organic carob.

These ingredients are commonly known for these benefits:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Focus & Alertness
  • Immunity Booster
  • Gut Health
  • Supports Quality Sleep
  • More info available at Ingredient & Benefit 


  • No Caffeine
  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No MSG
  • No Pesticide
  • No Refined Sugar

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Net weight: 3.5 oz | 100 g


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

I was so excited to come across Mellow Rooster on Instagram. I love all things coffee and would be considered a coffee snob, as some call it. As much as I love it, I do feel the need and desire to cut back on caffeine— especially in the afternoon. Normally I would have a cup in the morning and then make an iced coffee in the afternoon. I know it disrupts my bodies process to sleep when it’s time, plus I tend to feel anxious overall. I started out with an 80/20 mixture of coffee and Mellow. I LOVE IT! I enjoy an herbal taste, so to have that is delicious to me. I plan to eventually get rid of caffeine all together, but in the meantime I’ll continue increase the ratio, especially in the afternoons. I make regular Chemex cup in the morning, and usually aeropress/ iced coffee in afternoon. Both are delicious with the Mellow mixture. Thank you!

Love it

I quit coffee recently and was thrilled to find Mellow Rooster as an alternative. After drinking it a few weeks, I now prefer it to coffee. Thank you Mellow Rooster! I’m in love.


For health reasons, I've attempted to quit coffee on and off for years but always went back missing the taste and comfort it brought. This is the best herbal alternative I've ever tried. After ordering, I immediately ordered a few more to give to friends to try. It's delicious. Definitely recommend.

This former barista is hooked!

I worked as a barista for several years and recently quit caffeine/coffee, but I have been craving the bitter and delicious taste of brewed espresso. This delicious tea certainly hits the spot for me! It's give that desirable full body taste without the full body jitters!

Ridiculously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Product!

FOLKS - not only does this product have awesome packaging, the inside is even better and will tickle your tastebuds. You will not be disappointed! Coffee drinkers BEWARE - you will be converting to tea once you sip on this cup of full flavour. Knock those jittery caffeinated habits for a mellow experience that will bring you nothing but joy and health benefits!

Also, thanks to Mike for expedieting my shipment based on demand for our themed gift baskets! We have no doubt that these will fly off our shelves when we introduce it to the public (if we don't hoard it for ourselves), it is unique to anything else in the area!

Jodi Rose (Canada ON)

Not for me

This was suggested to me by a fellow ulcerative colitis sufferer as a coffee alternative but I didn't like it at all. Nothing about it tasted like coffee to me and it was horrible and bitter. Even my husband, who likes everything, hated it. I'm sure that my opinion won't make the reviews because all I see is positive reviews but I still wanted to express our opinion. I really hate that I wasted my money on this tiny bag of yuck.

Hi Wendi~
Love the honest feedback, but bummed you had an unpleasant experience. We're working on creating 'how-to-brew' instructions to ensure Mellow is being made just the way we're sippin' it over here. It's totally possible that you simply didn't like it. Thank you so much for giving us a try, Wendi. We appreciate you. Please contact us at and we'll do our best to turn this negative experience into a positive one.

So In Love!

I received Mellow Rooster as a gift. after my first cup, I went online and ordered two (2) packages! I just wish it came in bigger sizes! I am a coffee holic, I can honestly say that now I am a Mellow Rooster holic! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Thank you so much, Debra!

Seriously Impressed!

I've been looking for a natural alternative to caffeine to give me energy after being put on an anti-inflammatory diet that restricts coffee and tea intake. When I came across this at Thump Coffee I was bummed they didn't offer it as a drink at the cafe, but decided to give it a whirl as I am desperate for an alternative. I tried it for the first time this morning straight up (no milk or sugar) and was seriously impressed how much it tastes like coffee! It also gave me a natural boost of energy which has continued until past lunch time - without the jitteriness or increased heart rate I would sometimes get with caffeine.

It does have a mild earthy taste to it, but I think that could easily be masked with milk or creamer. It was also a little chalky as I got to the bottom of my cup, but that may have been due to the tea strainer I used. I most likely will need to buy one that can handle straining a fine powder, which is what this product is. It looks like really fine coffee grounds.

Overall I am trilled with this product so much that I had to go to the website to share. Thank you for creating this amazing coffee alternative to make my transition to a healthier life a little easier.

KR - Seriously grateful for YOU. Thump will be restocked very soon!

holy sh*t, that's good

I'm so impressed by this product. Seriously. I'm a coffee addict but recently came to terms with the fact that I was consuming too much coffee in the afternoon which was affecting my sleep. Then a friend recommended I try Mellow Rooster. I was honestly beyond skeptical. But when I made my first cup, before even drinking it, I was already pleasantly surprised at how much it actually looked like coffee. The colour, texture, everything. Then I tasted it, and damn. If it was ever at all possible to come up with a blend of herbs that remind us of coffee, then that's it. I don't think it can get any better than this. They got it just right. I'm so excited to have something I actually enjoy and look forward to drinking in the afternoons. It's become a new ritual now, to feel "mell as hell." ;P Thanks Mellow Rooster!

Who needs coffee when you have Mellow Rooster?!

I’ve tried my fair share of herbal coffee but NONE of them even come close to how amazing Mellow Rooster tastes! If you have yet to try it out, you truly are missing out! Perfect for those who want coffee without the caffeine, jitters, crash! Can’t recommend enough!

Kennedy - You're the best! Thank you for being a true fan <3